August 27th, 2017


This weekend we are celebrating the Feast of St. Augustine, our Patron Saint. St. Augustine is one of the four most important Fathers of the Church. He possessed a great imagination and an extraordinary intelligence, and was particularly outstanding in Literature and Poetry. His impact on the pastoral care of the needy, his brilliant way to preach, and the wisdom refl ected in his writi ngs, marked the path followed by the Church for more than sixteen centuries. It is precisely due to such wisdom that he is considered as one of the most important philosophers of old times.

In today’s second reading, St. John calls us to love one another, because love not only comes from God, love is God. What a beauti ful message for the reality we are experiencing, living in a world and in a society where hatred, violence, intolerance, racism, discrimination, and rancor are running rampantly.

Christians, to be able to transform our world and our society, we must give testimony of that love!....