From the Pastor's Desk...
Feb 15th, 2015

Ash Wednesday

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This weekend the Gospel brings to us the moment where
Jesus heals a man from leprosy. More than in our society,
the lepers in the time of Jesus were condemned to a terrible
rejection by the rest of society. Unlike all the people in his
time, Jesus let the lepers approach Him, healing many of
them, renewing them in body and soul. There are many
types of “leprosy” in our society: physical leprosy, handicaps,
drug addiction, extreme poverty, ignorance among
many others. As disciples of the Lord, we are expected to
show to the many outcasts in our midst the same concern
and practical love which He showed to the lepers of his
My first invitation to all of you today is to pray to our loving
God; that He may bring us ever closer to the divine Model
and instill in all of us an active compassion toward those
who are marginalized.