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February 14th, 2016

First Sunday of Lent

Guided by the Spirit of the Lord, we undertake the journey of a sincere conversion and of rediscovering the implications of our baptismal commitments in our daily life. As we begin the Lenten season, the call to conversion, symbolized by the imposition of the ashes we received last Wednesday, resounds even louder and clearer. This journey is a time of penance, of prayer rooted in faith, of authenticity, of rejection of any form of ostentation. In the gospel, Jesus shows us how to live these days but most importantly how to persevere; no one should be able to deceive us, no one should be able to lead us astray, because we have God in our lives.

I invite all of you to accept the season of Lent and to live it together as one family of love. Please come and participate in the many activities that we have scheduled in our parish during this season....

This Week @ St. A
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